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Teach Yourself Azeri, Telman Xudazarov

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Teach Yourself Azeri Telman Xudazarov

Teach Yourself Azeri An easy-to-use Azeri language course designed especially for English speakers

By Telman Khuduzarov B.A., PG Dip.

This book, now in its second edition, is the first Azeri language primer designed specifically with the needs of English speakers in mind. It will help the reader master the Azeri language in the shortest possible time and equip them to communicate effectively, whether in the workplace or in everyday life.

The book draws on the author’s extensive experience of teaching Azeri to foreigners living and working in Azerbaijan. Edited by native English speakers, it provides a clear, step-by-step guide to basic vocabulary and grammar, combined with practise exercises and lively illustrations. The book can be used as the basis for lessons with a teacher, or for individual study.

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